On January 29, 2016 the LEDES Oversight Committee members enacted a change to our membership structure. Previously membership in the LOC was limited to organizations.  An individual derived their membership in the LOC by virtue of working for a member organization.  Each member organization was able to designate one voting member, an alternate voting member, […]

There are some important new pages available on ledes.org. Information on the new Model Form Bill of Costs for England and Wales can be found here and   can also be accessed through the menu under Jurisdictional Specific Standards. We have added a permanent page (here) that provides links to articles and postings on the

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The LEDES Oversight Committee (“LOC”) has endorsed the new UTBMS Litigation Code-set for use in England and Wales – the EW-UTBMS J-Code-set. Created by the Jackson Steering Committee for use within the judiciaries of England and Wales, the release of these codes marks the first stage in the Steering Committee’s objective to develop a new model-form

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