LEDES 98B Format

LEDES 1998 was the first standard issued by the cross-industry consortium led by PricewaterhouseCoopers for ebilling.  The format documentation is no longer available.  The standard was quickly updated and replaced by LEDES 1998B.

LEDES 1998B is  an ASCII, pipe delimited format containing 24 fields.  It is currently the most-widely used ebilling standard in the legal industry in the US.

It is not intended that the LEDES 1998B format will be modified in the future.

The format documentation was revised in August, 2014 to the extent that timekeeper classifications are referenced in the document.

Ledes 1998B Format Rev 7-2014

Ledes98B Sample File Rev 7-2014

Need help getting started?  The LEDES Oversight Committee’s YouTube Channel has an instructional video on how to create a LEDES 98B file here.