LEDES XML Ebilling ver. 2.2

In 2020 the LEDES Oversight Committee ratified the LEDES XML Ebilling Ver. 2.2 format as an update to LEDES XML Ebilling 2.1.

In addition to incorporating other changes made to XML 2.1 in January 2020, XML 2.2 adds functionality to support Tiered Taxes, as has been seen with a Withholding Tax in Japan.

The LEDES XML Ebilling Ver 2.2 format includes 205 data elements within 18 segments.

LEDES XML E-Billing 2-2 1-2020 with Changes Marked from 2.1.2 Rev 7-2014

LEDES_XML_E-Billing_2-2 1-2020 

LEDES XML 2.2 XSD: file must be downloaded and unzipped to view

(Sample file coming shortly)