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This menu item is intended to provide information to visitors on products that are available associated with legal ebilling.  

Products fall into different categories, and each requires the use of a LEDES data exchange standard.

  • Ebilling Vendor Systems - These systems are usually purchased by law departments and insurance organizations and mandated for use by their outside counsel law firms for the submission of legal invoices and other information.   This page also includes Auditing Systems (third-party providers of legal fee auditing services).  
  • Law Firm Back-Office Systems - These systems are purchased by law firms or other legal service providers.  This category includes timekeeping, billing and back-office financial management systems.
  • Law Firm Ebilling Administration Systems - These systems assist with administration of the ebilling function within the law firm.  These systems include middleware that sits between the law firm's back-office systems and the third-party ebilling vendor system.  Any law firm back-office system that includes LEDES API functionality is also shown under this menu item.  
  • Other Law Firm Systems - These are simple systems that provide LEDES generator or editing capabilities for law firm billing staff.
  • Client Analytic Systems - This class of systems provides analytics to law departments and insurance organizations that mandate ebilling.   

Vendors can learn more about advertising on our Vendor Marketplace by downloading our Brochure or by emailing  Information on each system is required.  Vendors should download the spreadsheet appropriate for the type of system to be advertised:
     Ebilling Vendor Systems
     Law Firm Back Office Systems
The following systems are not yet available for vendor advertising:  Law Firm Ebilling Administration Systems; Other Law Firm Systems; Client Analytic Systems

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