The LEDES Oversight Committee Board of Directors announced today that the LEDES 2000 format is officially retired and will not be part of any future development of this organization.  As such, LEDES 2000 will not be included in the LEDES API.   Vendors utilizing this format should immediately begin development of the LEDES XML Ebilling formats […]
The LEDES Oversight Committee (“LOC”) has a project underway that could solve some significant law firm ebilling problems.   Let’s talk about the problems.  A law firm’s time and billing software is set up to capture the date an invoice (i.e., a paper bill) was generated. But with ebilling, that is only the first step. The biller must

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There is no change this year in the composition of the LOC Board of Directors. President – Jane A. Bennitt, Global Legal Ebilling, LLC Vice President – Cathrine J. Collins, Legal Systems Automation, LLC Treasurer/Membership – Jim Hannigan, Coblentz Patch Duffy & Bass LLP Secretary – Nadia Strobbia, Thomson Reuters Standards – Nicholas Puschak, Mitratech

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The UTBMS (Uniform Task-Based Management System) codes used in legal ebilling have been created by numerous different bodies, and most were created with consideration of the American legal system. This makes the codes difficult for global users because in some cases (i) they don’t fully understand the English documentation and (ii) they don’t understand the

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The Board of Directors has authorized the formation of a new IP Improvement Subcommittee whose charter explains their mandate as follows: Intellectual Property invoices are different than many other types of legal invoices in the sense that they are typically high in volume and low in dollar amount.  Those who review Intellectual Property invoices often

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