Proposed Standards/Public Comment

IP Invention Disclosure Schema To Be Updated

The LEDES Oversight Committee Board of Directors has authorized the creation of a subcommittee to consider updates to the IP Invention Disclosure Schema.  Robin Hunziker, who spearheaded creation of the original standard, is leading this effort.

A draft version of the proposed revisions can be found here, as well as a link to a survey to collect public comment on the changes.

Survey on J-Codes and Bill of Costs for England and Wales

To Firms That Conduct Civil Litigation in England and Wales
From LEDES Oversight Committee Standards Director David Nelson

Please be aware the Law Society’s survey on J-Codes and the new bill of costs has now been published and can be found here:

The survey is open until Wednesday 25th May and will help to inform the Law Society’s policy on the new bill format. Please encourage people at your firm to participate in the survey.

Bill of Costs for England and Wales

There are some important new pages available on

  • You are invited to provide feedback on the new Model Form Bill of Costs for England and Wales through 18 September, 2015 (here).  After the comment period closes, this page will be removed until the project team publishes their final standard.  This page can also be accessed through the menu under Jurisdictional Specific Standards and Public Feedback Requested.
  • We have added a permanent page (here) that provides links to articles and postings on the Bill of Costs project.  This page can also be accessed through the menu under the Jurisdictional Specific Standards.

IPMM Proposed Invention Disclosure Schema Open for Public Comment

The LEDES Intellectual Property Matter Management (IPMM) subcommittee has begun a public comment period on their proposed invention disclosure schema standard.  More information on this can be found here, including a link to their introductory video (posted to the LEDES Oversight Committee’s YouTube channel), the schema, and a survey for the public to provide feedback on the proposed schema.  The survey will remain open until Wednesday, November 30, 2014.