Proposed Changes to XML Ebilling Standards

Earlier this year, the LEDES Oversight Committee proposed revisions to the LEDES XML 2.0x, 2.1x and 2.2 ebilling standards.  The public comment period for these changes closed on July 25, 2022 and there were no objections to the proposed changes.

While preparing the final paperwork to ratify these changes, additional discussion occurred on deficiencies that need correction in the XML formats.  The documents presented here reflect these additional requested changes.  

A new public comment period has opened and will close on December 9, 2022. 

Significant to these changes are a number of requests by global ebillers to address insufficiencies in the current formats and processes.  In particular, a change has been proposed that will require vendors to change the data element used for rate validation and require updating client electronic validation routines.  While we have tried to minimize the number of changes required, this fundamentally changes how rate checking operates and represents a big effort on the part of vendors to enact.  

Please provide your feedback on these proposed changes.