LEDES Error Codes

In 2020 the LEDES Oversight Committee ratified version 1 of the LEDES Error Codes.

These Error Codes are a new type of LEDES standard established to provide a standardized structure to ebilling invoice errors.  The codes will serve to standardize the identification of LEDES file submission errors from system-to-system and client-to-client.

The need for Error Codes was expressed by many of our law firm members over the years, as a result of the many hours being spent by both law firms and corporate legal departments, tracking down errors based on non-standard codes that were often-times set forth as an unintelligible error message.  Subsequently a subcommittee was established.  In 2020, the LOC Board appointed VP, Cathi Collins, to chair the subcommittee, and meetings were held and new codes established based on feedback from both law firms and vendors.  The LEDES Oversight Committee Board believes standardized Error Codes are needed as more and more companies adopt ebilling as their standard for legal bill processing.

The LEDES Error Codes, when adopted and implemented by software vendors, will significantly reduce the time spent by law firm, corporate legal department and vendor personnel, tracking down error codes and rectifying billing errors (estimated to be upwards of 100 hours per billing cycle).


LEDES Error Codes Phase 1 Ratified November 17, 2020

LEDES--Error Code Set Summaryv1.0 - Summary information on LEDES Error Codes Phase 1 Release


How to get started?  Contact your vendors today -- those whose systems create your ebills, as well as the third-party ebilling vendors that receive your ebills  -- and request they implement these new LEDES Error Codes ASAP. 

To Vendors, we suggest adding the code in brackets to the end of your existing error message.  Example:

Duplicate invoice number [R401]