LEDES XML Ebilling ver. 2.0 Format

In 2006 the LEDES Oversight Committee ratified the LEDES XML Ebilling Ver. 2 format as an update to LEDES 2000. The new format changes how math is calculated on an invoice, includes the ability to itemize complex taxes, bill alternate fee arrangements, credits and debits on a matter, supports multiple vendor tax identification numbers, eliminates non-mainstream ebilling data elements, and creates consistency in the use of terminology, among other changes.

The format documentation has been updated 4 times since the original release.  This newest version, ratified in March 2023, aligns the base fields in XML 2.0x with the base fields in XML 2.1x and 2.2x, making version 2.0.4 sufficient for many ebilling situations.  It also includes a rethinking of how rates are submitted.  Law Firms should confirm with their client vendor that this update has been released on the Client's platform before using the new Rate schema.

LEDES_XML_E-Billing_2-0-4 3-2023 w Changes Marked from 2-0-3 1-2020

LEDES_XML_E-Billing_2-0-4 3-2023

LEDES204xsdXSD file must be downloaded and unzipped to view

Sample files coming shortly.

White Paper for vendors on implementing the new Rate features in XML 2.0.4 to be posted shortly.

For more information on which ebilling format to use, please refer to this page.

Revision History:  

2.0, 1-2006.  XML/XSD, 153 data elements in 15 segments
2.0.1, 4-2008.  153 data elements in 15 segments
2.0.2, 7-2014.  153 data elements in 15 segments
2.0.3, 1-2020.  153 data elements in 15 segments
2.0.4, 3-2023.  172 data elements in 15 segments

Looking for information on past versions of the XML Ebilling 2.0x file specification documents?  It is available for download here: All LEDES XML Ebilling 2.0x Versions 4-2023