LEDES XML Ebilling ver. 2.0 Format

In 2006 the LEDES Oversight Committee ratified the LEDES XML Ebilling Ver. 2 format as an update to LEDES 2000. The new format changes how math is calculated on an invoice, includes the ability to itemize complex taxes, bill alternate fee arrangements, credits and debits on a matter, supports multiple vendor tax identification numbers, eliminates non-mainstream ebilling data elements, and creates consistency in the use of terminology, among other changes.

As global ebilling spread and the eInvoicing requirements of a greater number of countries was understood, this format was revised substantially in 2008 with ratification of the LEDES XML Ebilling Ver. 2.1 format.

The LEDES XML Ebilling Ver 2 format includes 153 data elements within 15 segments.

The format documentation was revised in August, 2014 to the extent that timekeeper classifications are referenced in the document.

LEDES_XML_e-Billing_2-0_Rev 7-2014

LEDES XML 20 Sample Files and XSD  This zip file includes both the sample file and XSD for the XML file.  It is not possible to double-click and open the XSD file without having an XML editor.  There is not an error on this file.