LOC IPMM Invention Disclosure Schema

The IPMM Invention Disclosure Schema Subcommittee is revising the standard.  Find out more about this effort here, Modifications to IP Invention Disclosure Schema to create version 1.02


In August, 2015 the LEDES Oversight Committee ratified the Intellectual Property Matter Management (IPMM)  invention disclosure schemas.

In January, 2016 an update to the schema was issued, identified as version 1.01.

  • An introductory video is available here.
  • An End User FAQ is available here.
  • Guidance regarding the minimum data required for a LEDES Disclosure is available here.  
  • Technical documentation regarding the LEDES Disclosure schema set is available for download here:   Disclosure-Documentation.zip (300 downloads) .
  • IPMM Element Description is available here.

An implementation conforms to the LEDES IPMM invention disclosure standard if the implementation meets the following criteria.

  1. The implementation must be able to produce a LEDES Disclosure.
  2. The implementation must be able to read a LEDES Disclosure.
  3. The implementation must not reject a LEDES Disclosure.
  4. The implementation must not use a proprietary element if an element defined in the LEDES schemas can be used.

A “LEDES Disclosure” is an XML document that: (i) is well-formed as defined by the latest W3C recommendation and (ii) validates without error against the latest LEDES IPMM disclosure schema.

In order to continuously improve the standard and to facilitate interoperability, any person implementing the LEDES IPMM invention disclosure standard agrees, in consideration of the LOC’s permission to use the standard, to disclose to the IPMM subcommittee any proprietary extensions and limitations and permit the LOC to integrate such extensions and limitations into the LEDES schemas for use by the public free of charge.

Schema Included in this Standard:

  • L_Disclosure (XSD) Ver 1.01,16 January 2016.  This schema is the root or umbrella schema. This schema’s disclosure element incorporates elements, types and attributes further defined in the below schemas
  • L_Concept (XSD) Ver 1.01,16 January 2016 This schema defines data commonly found in an invention disclosure document. These definitions are used by the disclosure schema. This concept schema incorporates elements, types and attributes further defined in the below schemas.

[Note:  It may not be possible to double-click and open the XSD file without having an XML editor.  There is not an error on this file.  XSD files can be viewed in most newer browsers which have integrated XML processors that provide good visualization of XML and XSD files.  If your browser does not open the files, XSD and XML files are also easily viewed using an XML editor.  XSD files are actually text files and can be viewed in text editors (e.g., Notepad) or word processors (e.g., Word) however the visualization is not as good as in a browser or XML editor.]


Download a zip file with the schema documents:   IPMM-Invention-Disclosure-Schema-1.01.zip (376 downloads)

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