England and Wales Electronic Bill of Costs

The judiciaries of England and Wales now require the submission of an electronic form bill of costs.  The requirement can be found here in the Civil Procedure Rules and reads,

Part 47 Detailed Assessment of Costs

Rule 47.6 is amended to provide for the filing of electronic and/or paper versions of the bill of costs, if appropriate, and to direct users to the relevant practice direction supplementing Part 47 (Practice Direction 47). The majority of amendments relating to the New Bill of Costs are made to Practice Direction 47 and will be published as part of the Practice Direction Making Document supporting the rule changes.

Precedent S templates (blank and with example data) are available on the same page.

In addition, the LEDES Oversight Committee offer the following background document produced by the Jackson Committee in 2015 and reproduced here with their permission:


For your reference, below are articles relating to the Lord Justice Jackson's Project creating the model form Bill of Costs and its usage.

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