In March 2023, the LEDES Board ratified updates to the Ebilling XML formats, creating new versions 2.0.4, 2.1.4 and 2.2.1. In late May of 2023, a call with a developer implementing the new formats led to the realization that certain fields, all of which were math calculations, we not only difficult to understand, it was […]

This is an important update, please read this post completely to the end. The LEDES Oversight Committee Board of Directors is pleased to announce the ratification of updates to the XML Ebilling formats, with new versions released  for XML Ebilling 2.0.4, XML Ebilling 2.1.4 and XML Ebilling 2.2.1. The newly ratified versions deliver a number

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XML Ebilling Format Updates:  Webinars Scheduled; Public Comment Period Open As reported earlier this month, the Ebilling Format Revision Subcommittee has proposed significant updates to the XML ebilling formats.  The proposed changes represent a fundamental change in the way client systems will validate rates to support multi-currency invoices.  Literally every client system will need to

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