We are pleased to announce that Phase 1 of the LEDES Error Codes have been ratified and are now available on this web site here.

Error Codes are a new type of LEDES standard established to provide a standardized structure to ebilling invoice errors.  The codes will serve to standardize the identification of LEDES file submission errors from system-to-system and client-to-client.

This effort is a direct response to comments by many of our law firm members who identified the often-times unintelligible error messages presented back by client systems as a serious pain point.  When adopted and implemented by software vendors, the LEDES Error Codes will significantly reduce the time spent tracking down error codes and rectifying billing errors (estimated to be upwards of 100 hours per billing cycle).

Vendors should add the associated code  to the end of their existing error message.  Example:

Duplicate invoice number [R401]

Let’s get this started!  Contact your vendors today — those whose systems create your ebills, as well as the third-party ebilling vendors that receive your ebills  — and request they implement these new LEDES Error Codes ASAP. 

Update:  The standard has been ratified and now available here.

From Subcommittee Chair and LEDES Vice President Cathi Collins:

The Error Codes Subcommittee of the LEDES Oversight Committee is pleased to put before the membership Phase 1 of the proposed Standard Error Codes for public comment.  The need for these codes has been apparent to our law firm members for many years as they struggle to work within the parameters of numerous marketplace systems to accommodate their clients.  Each legal ebilling system and client implementation has their own unique error messages or codes, some more explanatory than others.  These variations require hours to track down the source of the errors (i.e., what and where to correct) in the submitted invoice.

With a LEDES Error Code standard, the source of errors can be quickly identified as the message and codes will be uniform across all systems.  Further, the LEDES API proposed standard will utilize these Standard Error Codes as part of the API information exchange.

This project will take the form of 3 phases and this is Phase 1 (basic errors).  Phase 2 will endeavor to expand to cover the more intricate tax structures we encounter in today’s billing landscape.  Phase 3 will facilitate more advanced errors and client requirements and will endeavor to advise, in addition to inform.

The proposed codes presented here attempt to address the majority of basic errors and issues encountered during invoice submittal.

With the submission of this Phase 1 of the Error Codes, our Subcommittee has a unique opportunity to author an article relative to the implementation and use of the codes in ILTA’s Peer to Peer publication and we would like that article to feature the first vendor legal billing system to incorporate these Error Codes in their system.