What’s Not Working? We Want to Know.

The LEDES Oversight Committee has formalized an ad-hoc project to address situations where third party ebilling system processes are contrary to specifications in the LEDES format documentation.  Our goal is to work one-on-one with vendors to align their processes with the standards documentation, to eliminate exceptions and make legal ebilling less complicated than it is today.

To this end, we invite the legal community to report situations where vendor usage of the LEDES standards does not align with the format specification documents.

No, we don’t mean what you don’t like, or what you find annoying.  We want to know specific functionality associated with LEDES invoice files that is just contrary to how the format is written.  Here are a couple of examples:

  •  A vendor requires a tax code on every LEDES 98BI line item instead of just those that are taxable.
  • A vendor does not allow for taxes to be assessed at the matter/invoice level.

In both situations above, we reached out to the vendors to indicate that their process is contrary to how the LEDES standard is written.  It can take months for the vendor to deploy a corrected process (both of the above are likely still in the correction process), so patience is needed.  

You can submit information on non-compliance processes here.