Proposed Changes to IP Invention Disclosure Schema

The LOC’s IPMM Subcommittee proposes a new release (1.02) of the LEDES IPMM invention disclosure schemas.

This revision will include a modification to schemas in the common namespace as well as the IPMM namespace.  Although not currently used in other LEDES data exchange standards, the intent of the common namespace schemas is that they could be used by other LEDES data exchange standards (if other LEDES standards are revised to include them) and, therefore, the LEDES Oversight Committee should be aware of the potential impact.

The primary purposes of the new release are:

  • to fix an issue with the email address definition
  • add a rich text format (XHTML) for text content
  • add more granular export control definition
  • add an alternative embodiments element

The addition of rich text format permits implementation of italics, bold, underline, superscript, subscript and other formatting permitted by XHTML.

Modification to the standard include

  • Added inline documentation.
  • Correction of typographic errors.
  • Changed NMTOKEN datatypes throughout to string or token datatypes.
  • Many changes required creation of improved elements.  To retain backward compatibility, replaced elements were retained by clearly marked as deprecated.  (Deprecated elements will be removed at the next major release.)
  • Updated Change History comments at end.
  • Developed minimal and verbose XML documents for developer to use in testing read functions.

We will modify the Version attribute and Release comments in preamble of final versions to reflect the date adopted by the LOC.

You can download a copy of the proposed revisions here:  IPMM102draft and you can provide feedback on the proposed standard here.