Naming Inconsistency Noted

We noticed something in the LEDES ebilling formats that we though important to point out with respect to the use of the term “Net” in the different ebilling format field/data element names.  

In LEDES 98BI, which was created by a UK-based team, the field INVOICE_NET_TOTAL DOES NOT include tax.  That’s because in the UK the term “Net” does not include tax.

In LEDES 2000, which was created by US-based team, and the later XML 2.0x, 2.1x and 2.2x (all based on LEDES 2000), the formats include the data element @INVOICE.inv_total_net_due and, in XML 2.1x and 2.2x, @INVOICE.inv_total_net_due_other_iso.  These data elements DO include tax.  That’s because in the US the term “Net” refers to what remains from the whole after certain deductions (i.e., tax) are made.

We felt it important to draw users’ attention to this discrepancy to avoid any confusion that may arise.

– –  The LEDES Board