Legal Tech NY LOC Ebilling Session

The LEDES Oversight Committee will be presenting a session during Legal Tech NY on Tuesday, February 3, 2015 in the Mercury Ballroom (2nd Floor) of the NY Hilton (1335 Avenue of the Americas) from 12:00 (noon) to 1:30 p.m.

What’s wrong (or right) with eBilling today?  This is an opportunity to share in an open forum setting   Moderators:  Cathrine J. Collins, President and Jane A. Bennitt, Past President

In the past 4 years the LEDES Oversight Committee has finished a number of highly visible projects at the request of the legal community.  As the LEDES Oversight Committee (LOC) considers future projects, it would like to hear from the legal community about what is right, and wrong, with ebilling today.  This will be an open forum where attendees can ask questions, voice concerns and help to prioritize issues that should be considered for action by the LOC.  Topics can range from ebilling formats, components (like UTBMS), administrating rejections and payments, other client requirements (like rate checking , case planning, budgeting and accruals), spend analysis undertaken by clients, global requirements, and tools available to get the job done.   All are welcome to attend this session where the strict ground rule is:  speaking in general terms without identification of specific clients, software, tools or ebilling systems. 

Please join us if you are attending the conference.  Our thanks to ILTA for sponsoring the session.

More information on the Legal Tech NY Conference can be found here.

Proposed IPMM Schema Update

IPMM Development Subcommittee Head Robin Hunziker has advised that information on the proposed IPMM schema has been published as follows:

Licensing Executives Society International – “Invention Disclosures―A Standard Is Needed”, LES Global News, Dec 2014, Vol. XLIX No. 4, pp. 7-8, and can be found here.

Patent Baristas – “Proposed IP Matter Management Invention Disclosure Scheme”, Stephen Jenei, 16 Sep 2014, and can be found here